Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SuperMan is an Alien

SuperMan is an alien, so why do we insist on comparing ourselves to him? Same could be said for the christian "Jesus".

These kids seem to be my own. They are EVERYWHERE! I go take a wizz and they're there, I take clean laundry into our (Neil & mine) room and one of their friends collide with the side (usually left) scattering a few items of clothing just out of reach of my limited range of motion, little manners, discipline actions I wish to take are restricted because they are NOT mine, but oh, how I would concur the world, or just some small country, and name it after them.

Stupid doctors, sending me threw courses and loops lit up with blue fire that I have to jump threw just to get an answer of any kind. Now I have a list of doctors that are covered by my insurance, not the one Vivjoda's (spelling of doctors name is too hard, and I"m too tired to look it up) nurse said she found. She was to find a specialist that is covered by my insurance and have the surgery over and done with.  Well that is further proof that Vivjoda is such an incompetent doctor and should not practice medicine if  he doesn't even understand what needs to be done. He's a "specialist" and yet has no idea what the hell he's doing. There are so many personal stores I hear that confirm his inability to do his job.

So aside from all this I'm braking down. I feel like my crazy-ness is seeping threw to the top. Soon I will not be able to stop all the crazy from coming out. Mood swings, depressing thoughts,  happy bliss, thoughts and voice that are not my own.

Maybe try sending really soft toiletpaper ("Those Who Hunt Elves") and plenty of ginger ale, the safeway brand; seasons of "Criminal Minds", those Greenies cat treats for Samuri, and more readers to my blog. Suggestions from yous and/or other blogs you enjoy. These are some things that I like and help sooth my overactive mind.

In the end, trying to be superman is just plain silly, he didn't have this mental stuff to deal with and clearly never spent a great deal trying to be human, otherwise he'd go back to his own planet regardless of it's lack of inhabitants.
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