Thursday, April 22, 2010

straw curtins

First I have to say project #21 went rather well. I had Megan choose a color thread (gold/yellow)


Each one of these curtains are different. While I used yarn (string okay), neon straws (make them longer by extending the bendy part), used a paper-cutout thingy (flower shaped) on a ton of magazines (pretty colors) and used a single hole punch to punch two holes in each flower (no need to measure, uneven is much more fun), a few puff balls were used in the beginning, and estimating how long they are and how tall to make them (suggest measuring that part next time).


NYRP #22: was used with full straws (none of them cut) going down, NONE at the top of the curtain (like the top of "T" the lines going down are straws, but the top of it is just string). Parts of it are ribbon, but yarn worked out better for me. Used glued together multi colored puff balls to secure the end. The flowers were double punched to be easier to lock into place.

NYRP #23: Cut the straws in half, used them on the top and the lines going down. Puffs on the bottom as well.

NYRP #24: Decided to go 1/4 original straw size for the top part, halfs on the lines going down.

NYRP #25: 1/4 straws on top (again), and 1/2 for the lines going down. About half way threw the lines I changed from the glued puffs to doubled up stiff paper, find to be far less messy and less expensive as well.

NYRP #26: Attempts to tighten the top part (to make it less of a dip) failed. The same as far as the 1/4 straws on top (between each cut straw is where I tied the lines to go down, in case that wasn't understood), 1/2 going down. Attempted to follow a pattern, but failed. This one I started to double some of the paper flowers when they were too thin or had no pattern on one side.

NYRP #27: Finally able to tighten the top to make it nice and straight. Find that when it's not sloped, or dipped, or whatever you want to call it, the lines going down need to be longer.
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