Friday, November 20, 2009

Strawberry-Vanilla Bank Suckers

Library for me! Woots! Got a book and two movies. I say it's a good day. Oh, plus when I went to the bank earlier, the lady-teller gave me a bunch of strawberry-vanilla bank suckers that I like. I mentioned it once to her and she remembered! Isn't that sweet?

The walk was good for me. Exercise and fresh moist air. It's a bit dizzily here, but I like it. It helped me to think of things and how to help my friends that need it. Still have nothing helpful, but I did get to talk to Emily for a few minutes. I miss her.

Momi was walking her malamutes (sp?)! Cooper and Xena are so adorable! Sissy kitty was fallowing them around as if on the walk with them, she is a beautiful full black cat.

Absolutely LOVED the latest episode of NCIS. Reminds me of how my dad would have been in that kind of situation.

Off to read her daily NPR news and suck on one of the strawberry-vanilla bank suckers. Yummy.
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