Sunday, July 05, 2009


Despite hating dirt and bugs, both pretty much equally, I weeded the entire front yard. That's right. ALL OF IT. I did miss a few crab-grass-weeds but I'll get those later, the ground is being watered in that area and the dirt became mud, not something worth waddling into for just a few weeds.

The fireworks, while I've never really thought they were that big of a deal, were rather fun. Dave burned himself a few times and added lighter-fluid when one wouldn't start... I was so scared he would blow off a limb or something, but to his good fortune that was not the case. Breath easy.

I have to get this off my chest. SciFi is now Syfy. WTF? Why are they changing it now? It's an icon. SciFi with the "iF" things they do. WHY!!! *dramatic why*

Wish I had pictures for you.
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