Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Stole My Skittle

Just saw Harry Potter 6 and have to say they did a very nice job with it. The didn't get into details like they have in the past and they did switch and move things around and take things out and put things in, but overall it was very well done.

Now for the matter of the missing skittle. Yes, a missing one. I was eating and knitting while watching the movie... when one skittle slipped from my yarn entangled fingers and plopped down my shirt. As you know it's human nature to fish after it... even though it's in public. So I dived in, annoyed that I missed a part of the movie. There was no skittle to be found. I practically took of my top (not really but I felt like it) I was searching discreetly under my tang top (I was covered by my button-up shirt I took with me so I would be modest). THERE STILL WAS NO SKITTLE!

It has vanished.

Great news: No animals were harmed in the making/filming of the Harry Potter 6 movie. Wish I could take the kids for the 5 o'clock showing... to find that skittle.
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