Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let it snow!

This is of my latest knitting project... just a scarf for someone. nothing special. I'm having issues with the side- I exagerated the loop issue a bit in the picture, but the sides have loops that are not pretty and makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.

This is our back deck... with the pool and pool house... as you can see that's a bit over a foot of snow... Neil is snowblowing it as I'm posting this blog... bye bye snow!

Here are a few on the snow around our home. As you can see we have a good foot if not more. Blackie wanted to chase something (I suspect it's the naborhs kitty, Kyza who is too skinny I think and when she purrs it's so intense her whole body shakes).

Here is our tree... mom loves her trees... that's our "main" tree... there are at least 20 trees this year... and I'm not kidding.

Sammy let me take pictures of him today- it made me so happy. We took out the sleeping bag and he wont get off it. He loves his sleeping bag. I mostly got the pictures for Susie (A Paw Above) to put up in her store next to her other sleeping bags. Though I haven't seen them in her shop recently... she maybe hiding them from me...

The pictures take FOREVER to load on blogger, but it's faster then
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