Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In a world of corn flakes, be a fruit loop.

I’d like to know how your x-mas went - as for mine- just dramatic as usual.

Isabel was soooo cute! She didn’t come out until after our gifts where open (I think it was because the ripping of paper and tape scared her). We played with her and the ribbon that was on the packages. Before the morning of opening the gifts she would pull on the ribbon and drag the gifts out from under the tree. That alone was adorable, but she then was having so much fun with the ribbon after the gifts were open! It was soooo cute. Plus the tissue paper was just as adorable!

This amazingly cute event WAS recorded, but the video camera is outdated and canNOT be put on any computer… NOT ONE!!! So you’ll have to take my word for it.

My hot cocoa tastes like it has some coffee in it….

As for my knitting project… yeah I tore it out because I didn’t like how it came out…. Nicole thought it looked good, but to me it wasn’t going to be what I wanted. So I’m making a wonder kerchief scarf type thingy… it’s like just half a square (triangle style). If that makes any sense at all…

As you can see here... I kinda messed up on the right side. I'm using US 7 double ended needles... I'm to end up with 110 stitches... I started out with 3... I have some time to go.

As you can see... I'm pointing at that area... in case you didn't notice...

And it looks like this now....

This is one of the recent strips that I think is really cute. I get the email for all new ones because this comic makes me happy. Enjoy!

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