Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Want/Need in a Husband:

  1. a man who will still love me and accept me when I have episodes (missed meds/my bipolar disorder)
  2. my equal in intelligences, not smarter or dumber, equal (my learning disabilities and my lack of intelligence)
  3. a man who will attempt (and/or succeed) in being slightly romantic ever so often (I want to be shown that he IS in love with me, not just with me, low self-esteem. I probably wouldn’t believe any guy that said he loved me more then a friend without long and hard efforts to show it on his part. I pity any guy that has to go threw this)
  4. a man that wont hesitate to take control when someone needs too
  5. accepts that my cat is my baby, even if he doesn’t think of Sammy like that
  6. who will let me be supportive of him and what he does and what he needs

All I can get is six!

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