Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I was going to post another Internet Junkyard, but I felt you guys deserve more.

The past 2 weeks I have been dealing with, 1. migraine from hell, 2. drugs not working, 3. infusions, and 4. overall exhaustion from infusions. Seriously, I don't even want to roll over in bed.

In case you don't speak migrainees, infusions are typically 3 consecutive days put aside for drugs to be pumped threw you over the course of about 2-3 hours. You are sick, more-so than with the migraine. BUT after the 3 days and a week of recovery, you're migraine is either a. GONE or b. not as bad.

I"m option b.

I have a pile of books from the library, but only able to finish one... then pain. All I can say is yes, the infusions helped, but other than that, fuck you migraine, fuck you.
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