Tuesday, December 17, 2013

X-Mas Gifts

Next year for xmas I'm thinking of a rather large, year long project(s).

The girls (Lauren & Megan) like my "scrapbooks". I use the term loosely, because I have a unique way of doing it. This will mean I need to print a lot of pictures of them growing up, their favorite anime, and etc. I'll need a bunch of odd "junk" to glue to their covers. I usually just use things like broken earrings or buttons or various other odds and ends I can find.

This of course, leaves out Jayme... what in the world do I get him? Can I do the same thing for him? He is more of a video game person... maybe I can print pictures of him growing up and various pictures of his favorite video games?

THIS year, their gifts were picked out by Neil and myself! SO happy with them, I think they will love them. If they don't I'm going to strangle them myself.

--- --- ---

I've been trying to read, kinda a "gatch-up" thing for my New Years Resolution. I don't think I'll make it, but I"ll keep trying!!!
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