Friday, November 09, 2012

To Do List

I have done it! 

A project, nah, TWO projects! Below you will see both sides of a pillow. They are from some extra t-shirts I got from Sakura-con last year. They are extra shirts that they were trying to get rid of and I wanted to make them into a pillow. I have two more pillows to make and they will all look something like that.

What you see here is my working station with TWO sewing machines (one is for sale) and the pillow project. So exciting!!!
 A mini sweater is done! I just need the hanger and volia! All done! Isn't it pretty?

A project done and another on the way to being done. I feel SOOO good. Also, I have three books I need to read... I have a to do list and it feels so gooooood.
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