Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mine and Hers Post

Yes, I do relies that the title of my last post was Quest and not Guest. It was a mistype that I just left alone because I thought it was cool.

It's been a week since my last post and some things have happened. One is my other half had to drop his smart phone (and basically a phone all together) from our phone plan to save money. Yah, we're doing that. We love our smart phones so much that we made it our last thing to go. You know, cut everything else out of the budget first before you do the one last thing, ours was the smart phones. I was like, "NOOoooooooo" and sobbing. Neil on the other hand was all cool about it, even though I know he was hurting a bit on the inside.

I finished baby booties, and they're so BIG still. I made them smaller, and they're still so big! What am I doing wrong? >_<

Botox for the migraines is kinda getting me in a tail spin. I got an email from a lady who's opinion I truest and I've been mulling it over and over in my brain. Really need to email her back.

--- --- --

Now on to the main attraction, my niece has once again made us a blog post, it is about a manga/anime that she likes:

Mew Mew Powers I like this show. The characters are names Ichigo, Mint, Lettice, Pudding, Zakiro, Masaga, Tyou, Keichire, Masha and Kish. This is a great manga because it is really cool and awesome.

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