Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love To Knit!

I truly enjoy knitting. Right now I'm working on baby booties! Found this amazingly soft yellow yarn amongst my stash. Since it's for a boy, and I have no blue, I thought yellow would be nice. I'm making it the size for a 12-18 months old but I swear I could probably put my feet in... it's... hopefully going to change once it gets sewn together.

Still can't knit for very long, but I've made a lot of progress in just about... *thinking* 10-ish hours. Which is pretty good considering my hands shake and I'm using US 2 needles! LOL  It would be funny watching to those who are knitters. I"m about to get a ton of DVDs from the library so that will help the time go by. So exciting now that I have a goal. Two pairs of booties. One boy pair for Marrissa, and a girl pair for Bri. My friend Sarah still hasn't told me if she wanted a pair or not so I'm deciding if I should make her them or not...
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