Thursday, August 18, 2011

Migrains, Menopause and Apps

There is a momentary silence, but it wont last. Ever so small a moment where there is no sharp pain or pounding. What would be the price to pay to be rid of migraines? They seem to be getting more and more frequent as I age. Granted I am only 24- 25 next month. Some say menopause hits and they go away, some say they only get worse. Must I wait till then, ascending in pain levels to see, just on hear-say that they might go away?

With smart phones, you get a whole new world of apps, and I have one that helps track migraines. It's rather neat. I mark the date, time, intensity, triggers, meds (if I take any), location and extra notes. I'm not sure why location is relevant, but it's there. It's like a diary for me. No matter where I go I have this app that almost says "Hey, I understand, now tell me about all of it." Not that it really talks in a voice, that would just be creepy.
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