Thursday, July 28, 2011


Since we had to take back our kitten, I decided it was time for another change. Yup, purple! Well, blue-ish-purple.

The kitten was all black... getting some white on her tummy, and in the right light glowed a little reddish-orange. Her mother was black, her father orange-white. We couldn't keep her because Sam wasn't accepting her and it wasn't fair to him or her to keep her. We had named her and were weening her (she had lost her mother to a coyote at week one, she's at week five), and even litter box trained her. It was a hard decision but we had to make it, she went back to a loving home, they wanted her back too so that was good. She will always be known as Fuku Fumoffu, and Alberta to them. I'll still get to see her when I get my hair done, but it wont be the same.

Our hearts are broken and we need something to keep them occupied a bit more, so here's hoping!
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