Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Knitted Dinners

I am kicking dinner's ass! HA!!! With help of course, I am coming up with dinner ideas that even make me wonder were they come from! One night was scalloped potatoes with leftover ham from another night mixed in... mom's idea and she told me how to do it. Jayme and Lauren pealed the potatoes, Lauren helped with the ham as well. Another successful night was leftover night where I made liver and onions for dad (he wont eat left overs). Another success!

Knitting up a storm.... kind of. I've been trying to knit a lot, but rather not progressing along. I've been working on a hat and a scarf, nothing special at all. My fingers have been busy with it though! Between knitting and cooking... what else have I been doing anyways? ...really, what have I been doing?

Oh yeah, did I mention I got a super short, super cute haircut?

Totally love it.
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