Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Oh Jobs, where have you gone? Why are you nowhere to be found? Are you angry, Jobs? We need you to make money, but you are unavailable to us. Without you life seems rather boring and stale; with you it's fulfilling and less lonely. Where have you gone? Will you at least send us a post card?

Aside from being jobless the drama in this house has yet to end! Children bring PLENTY of drama, but you expect some adult drama... or rather you sometimes wish for it just to get things more interesting. So far all the adult drama is something I'd like to trade in for more classy stuff.

There were three "plays" the children had, only was able to go to one of them. Megan's was cute but shorter then I thought it would be. They are First Graders after all. Then Jamie's I couldn't go to and he got the time wrong anyway. Lauren's was last night and I was unable to go to that one as well.

Good personal news: yesterday I had lost 2.7lbs in two weeks, now I've lost 2.2lbs since yesterday!

Still haven't seen New Moon. Neither Lisa nor myself. This is sad.
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