Thursday, March 05, 2009

Harry Potter

HARRY POTTER: You heard correct: as of 3-something this morning I have finished the whole series. I cried, laughed, and enjoyed the books immensely. When will the rest of the movies come out!? I hope they do a good job. Ugh! When did I start reading them? Hopefully we'll figure out how long it took... just curious. Sometime after the first of February I think. You know, I think it could have been better to not make Harry Potter movies, but a series... that way more details could be in it. I still don't want it to end. I want her to have made a better prologue thing... not enough detail, like what happened to the other characters and explain things better... GAH!

PROJECTS!? Yes, I have been knitting! I've made two hats, working on my third soon. I'll have pictures somewhere... I hid his eyes for protection...

The second hat was started as a red Twilight scarf from Jan 5th. I'll get pictures up soon, I want to take them with my sister wearing her hat.

SAMURI! He's been very playful at night... he didn't like me staying up late last night, but he's so adorable that I just looked at him and said "You're so cuute! Yes you are, yesyouare!" in a rather annoying baby voice. I love to take baby to my fuzzy babies.

ISABELLE: She isn't doing too well. Her ashthma (however it's spelled) has been acting up again. She had to get a painful shot to open her lungs up, apparently she could have suffocated because she couldn't get air in. Generally cats with her issue have to come in every 2-3 weeks, but with her its like 4-6 weeks. The vet recommends coming in when it starts to get bad again on a regular basis. She's doing better now and is very affectionate.

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